some sample interview questions for SATYAM

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1.         What were the laws given by newton and explain them?
2.         What is the difference b/w diode and transistor?
3.         What are the applications of diodes?
4.         What is flux?
5.         What is the difference b/w transducer and transponder?
6.         What are filters and types of filters?
7.         What are synchronous and asynchronous circuits?
8.         What are oscillators what are they used for?
9.         e.g. of an oscillators that is practically used?
10.       What are maxwell laws?
11.       Difference b/w 8086 and 8085?
12.       Difference b/w microprocessor and Microcontroller?
13.       Define arrays in C
14.       Define pointers with example.
15.       Do you know something about software testing?
16.       Where do you see yourself after 5 yrs?
17.       Why do you want 2 join Mahindra Satyam?
18.       What is the difference between Electronics & Communication
19.       What is the difference between Instrumentation & Communication
20.       Write a C program to swap two numbers without using the third variable?
21.       One candle completely burns in 60mins. How can u burn it in 30 minutes?
22.       There are 3 containers of 8ml, 5ml and 3ml capacity respectively without any
            marks on them. 8ml container is filled with milk. Divide milk in 8ml and 5ml
            container each having 4ml of milk?
23.       You like to read novels, so what kind of novels do you read?
24.       Name the authors of the novels that you have read?
25.       You said you want to be a responsible citizen of your country, what u exactly     
            want to do?
26.       What are your strengths?
27.       If you have to work on tight & hectic schedule. How will you manage?
28.       Have you ever lived away from you home and family members?
29.       How will u manage to work in distant places away from your home?
30.       What about Tech Mahindra impressed you the most?
31.       What qualities do you try to find while recruiting freshers?
32.       Why Tech Mahindra when any other company can provide you whatever we have
            to offer you?
33.       Did you know about Tech Mahindra before the placement drive?

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