Bosch written test-2011 @ Vardhaman

Hello friends.

I am giving an outlook of the written test of Robert Bosch held at Vardhaman college of engineering.

The Question Paper Consists Of 60 Questions .

I cant remember the exact question paper. so i am giving the area of questions so that you can prepare accordingly. 

1.) the very first question was related to applications of microprocessor.
             the answer for this question was a wrist watch (since it uses a microprocessor in it).

2.)In one question a logical diagram is given and asked for output when an input if 111 is given.
            You can easily give the answer after seeing the diagram.

3.)Another diagram was given and asked to name it
            the answer was Low pass filter.(so prepare with all diagrams in your ECE books)

4.) Which amplifier is provided with a bootstrap ? 

5.)And a silly question ............... Bridge rectifier has how many diodes ? 

6.) Give the  use of cmos circuits?

7) A control system based question was given in which we are asked to calculate the 
 system function.

8) FET related question was given. 
       so prepare with all electronic devices

9) Which amplifier has the highest input impedance ?

10.)  8086 will have how many address lines and data line?

           so prepare with 8051,8085 related questions too.

11) A network circuit was given we were asked to find out the effective resistance 

12) number of interrupts in a microprocessor?

13.) Coming to C programming questions a small part of code was given and asked to write the output.
         I cant remember the remaining questions. Prepare with all portion of C language because Bosch is an embedded software company which mostly depends upon C related tools.

14.) And there are enough English paragraphs were there to eat my time. try to understand the passage at first time itself so that while giving answers you dont need to read the passage again.they are easy ones only.
Also some sentences were given in jig jag manner and asked to write the correct order.

15.) Numerical ability questions will be asked mostly from RS Agarwal .

all the best.........:)
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